3 Signs You’re Leaving Money On the Table by Not Investing in Your Personal Brand

Are you leaving money on the table because you don’t know how to brand and market yourself?  This is the #1 problem I see with my clients.  They are incredibly talented and smart people, but they just don’t know how to position and market themselves.  I believe any individual or small company can compete against the “Big Boys” with clear messaging, branding, and the know how to build and leverage connections.

What is the Return on Investment on Personal Branding?

1. In some cases, this can allow you to command 20-30% higher fees for your services and speaking engagements.

2. Creates a system and process to build momentum by generating organic leads,  gives you free advertising, and reduces the cost of acquiring new customers.

3. It allows you to “Go Deeper”.  These are services, such as consulting, training, or licensing your intellectual property for company wide training programs, which allows you to charge 6 or 7-figures for your services.

4. Through content, such as speaking, blogs, EBooks, articles, you establish your authority, build reputation, and position you as a “Go-To” company.  This creates word-of-mouth marketing and makes people ask “What else can you do for me?”

3 Signs You Are Leaving Money on the Table:

1. No Substance or Unprofessional Looking Website – I recently met with a prospective client and their business development person said they were too embarrassed to refer people to the website.  Ok…that’s a problem!  I asked why. “…it looks unprofessional, too confusing, and has too much information”.   A lot of my clients have this problem.   If your target market is a senior corporate executive, I’m a strong advocate for less is more, and keep it clean and to the point. Your message platform and design must convey, “What’s Your Story” (visually and written),“Who You Are”, and “What You Do”.  Also, most people will view your site on mobile devices (iPad, tablet, or smartphone), so your site should be a Word Press responsive design.  You don’t have to break the bank in website design, buy a Word Press template and have it customized.  This alone can save as much as $3,000 is design costs.

2. It Takes More Than 7 Seconds to Explain What You Do – We live in an ADHD, instant gratification, and 140-charter world.  Which means…you have 7 seconds either in person or on your website to tell them “What You Do” and pique their interest.   People don’t have time to “figure you out” and will never buy nor recommend your services to other people.

3. Stuck On 90s Marketing Methods – If you are still relying on 1990s traditional marketing methods, such as trade shows, cold calling, paid/rented email lists, print ads, or banner ads, this only is responsible for less than 10% of clicks on the web.  Today, it is essential to use content (i.e. blogs, videos, EBooks, white papers, Webinars, press interviews, and articles) to gain attention, establishing your reputation and authority in the marketplace.  Today, marketing content is responsible for 90% of clicks on the web and has a lower average cost for acquiring new customers.

Don’t leave money on the table in 2014!

Are you struggling to be seen as an authority or as a market influencer? Or spending a lot of money on marketing and not seeing any return on investment? Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to branding and marketing? If you are serious about taking your personal brand to the next level and need help,  send me your questions.  I would be happy to answer them.  Sign Up for my Free Webinar Silent Branding Tactics of Successful Speakers on January 14th, 2014