10 Silent Branding Tactics of Successful Speakers

Happy New Year, Everyone! Last week, I hosted my first Webinar, Silent Branding Tactics of Successful Speakers. If your dream is to become a professional speaker or you want to take your speaking career to the next level, I’ve posted the Webinar on the Cre8iv Branding YouTube channel. Check it out!

10 Silent Branding Tactics of Successful Speakers

Whether you are new to speaking, or simply looking to take your speaking career to the next level, there are 10 key steps you can do today to establish your personal brand, get your voice heard, get paid, and play in the million dollar professional speaker club.

1. Start Building Your Social Media Platform Yesterday – If you are thinking of writing a book, speaking, or want to be seen as an authority, you have to have a social media strategy. For speaker, you must have a LinkedIn and a Twitter account. LinkedIn is all about promoting your abilities to potential clients who can recommend, refer, and hire you as a speaker.

2. Tap Into Existing Resources – Don’t recreate the wheel…use what you already have! Use your passion, unique perspectives, skills, talents, connections, accomplishments, and intellectual property to create a personal brand so you stand apart from your competition.

3. Keep It Simple and Professional – Clear messaging across multiple platforms (i.e. website, content, video, and social media) to communicate “Who You Are” and “What You Do” is required for the Fortune 500. When writing and designing, think mobile device. Use a Word Press Responsive design template; crowdsource for a top web developer and copywriter, and you can have a great looking, professional site for a fraction of the price.

4. What’s Your Story? – People connect to people on an emotional level. People want to know why you are so passionate about what you do. They want to feel that you understand their challenges, dreams, and aspirations. When they feel they get you, you’ve got them!

5. Leverage and Build Connections – Speaking is a very “word -of-mouth” industry. It is critical to build relationships to those people who can refer, recommend, or hire your services.  It will be through word-of-mouth marketing and your professional network which will generate the most engagements for you. Also, the more people see you as an influencer and authority the more they will seek you out to add you to “their” professional network.

6. Make People Into Rock Stars – Make the person who hires you look like a “Rock Star” in the eyes of the higher ups in their companies…your “Rock Star”. This is about getting to know the person on a personal level and doing more than just showing up for the presentation. Offer to participate in interviews, writing an article or blog post, Webinar, or leveraging your connections to help their business or career.

7. Content Is King – Don’t waste your money on a pricey website, instead invest your time and money into producing quality content around your key search words and pain points of your clients. You don’t have to post a lot, just start with two 500-700 word blog posts a month. If you have a lot of IP, don’t recreate the wheel. Repurpose what you have. Content (white papers, articles, blogs, video, interviews, eBooks, etc.) is how people do their vetting and determine your social worth as an authority. This is critical for marketing in order to create the momentum, awareness, and generating 90% of the clicks coming to your website.

8. Get Your Voice Heard – Look for speaking opportunities through professional associations or online sites, such as speakerfile.com or speakermatch.com. Or write! A great place to find opportunities to serve as an expert source or be interviewed for an article is HARO.com, and it’s FREE. Or take matters in your own hands, and produce your own Webinar. All of these opportunities to will help increase your influence and authority, building your reputation.

9. Use Technology – Technology and crowdsourcing have leveled the playing field to a point where it is possible for an individual and small business to compete against “The Big Guys”. Use crowdsourcing sites, such as Freelancer.com and ODesk.com, to find top talent to help with your writing, PR, web development, and graphic design at a fraction of the cost. Also, Vook.com is a great digital publishing company being used by top thought leaders, such as Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuck. Make sure to use Google Analytics to study your return on investment on branding and marketing, giving you insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.

10. Test – Evaluate – Reiterate – Constantly test and measure responses to your marketing campaigns. This helps drive better campaigns with tighter focus on your message platform, building community, and increasing your response rates. My rule of thumb with all my clients is to start small testing your messaging and marketing to see what generates the most leads, retweets, requests for speaking, or interviews.

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