How to repair your reputation

How to Repair your Reputation

In life, and especially in business, mistakes happen.  The wrong words can be said in anger, the wrong product can get shipped to the wrong customer or any other mishap can occur on the endless list of possible mistakes.  It is the goal of every person or business to stop these issues from occurring before there is a problem.  On those rare occurrences when they cannot be prevented, here are a few things that can lessen the sting from the wound.

Sometimes, a simple “I’m sorry” works wonders.

Very often, people simply want to hear someone say “I’m sorry.”  They want to know that someone understands their inconvenience and dissatisfaction.  They want validation for how they are feeling as much as they want a solution to the issue.  Offering an apology to an upset acquaintance or client can often prevent them from telling everyone they know about how poorly you took care of their needs.

Fix the problem…publicly

If your reputation has been damaged by someone for something that was truly your fault, fix it.  If the wrong box was delivered to the wrong address, fix it.  Deliver the correct box to the correct address.  However, if your reputation has been damaged by the mistake, then you must fix the mistake publicly.  If the unhappy customer posted their anger on social media, have a picture taken of you delivering the right box personally, along with a bonus free gift, and post it on the same social media with a caption about how sorry you are for their inconvenience.  Turn it into an advertisement for you and your business.  This theory works on personal matter as well.  The key is to be as public with the solution as they were with the problem.

Following either of these solutions will start you down the path to repairing your reputation.