What Does Your Email Branding Say About You

We all send out tons of emails to clients, service partners, connecting with peers, perspective clients, or follow-ups on leads. If you don’t have a branded look for your email signature, you are missing an opportunity to showcase your expertise, make new connections, and generate leads for your service or product.


If you do not have an effective, branded email signature, people may interpret you as not being professional, a small player in the market, or worse they may think your content is SPAM email.

What message are you sending?

As a personal brand strategist who works with entrepreneurs, consultants, CEOs, and founders to brand and position themselves as paid experts in their industry, coaching them on how to “play big” in the B2B marketplace, I’m shocked at the number of emails I receive with only a first name. First impressions count in this crazy digital world we live in.

A branded email signature is a simple and quick place to start to create your own visual personal brand identity as a paid expert, “play big”, as well as standout from the competition.

Why is this important?

Here’s what happened to me over the summer. I attended the Small Business Expo 2015 here in New York City. Entrepreneurs are one of my target markets. One of the most popular events was the speed networking session (i.e. speed dating for entrepreneurs). You meet with a fellow entrepreneur every 5 minutes. Crazy! I must have met with over 40 fellow entrepreneurs during this event. When I followed-up to request a face-to-face meeting with a potential service partner, I instantly received a reply back. He said, “Your signature is great…I remember you and would definitely like to meet”. The result, I found a great service partner who can help my clients market their products and services, as well as cross-refer each other business.

Create a Visual Branded Identity for Email in 5 Minutes

Below is simple personal brand strategy for you to follow to create your own visual brand for email in 5 minutes. This is what has worked for my clients, and myself.


  1. Sign up for Wisestamp.com – It’s my “go to” branding tool to create a strong branded signature for email. I’ve used it for over three years. It’s simple and easy to use. Interfaces great with Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo Mail. They offer a free version, but I use the upgraded version, which allows for greater customization. Or if you are tech savvy and can deal with their limitations, you can design your own signature for free in your email program’s signature field settings.

  2. Key Information – You will need a professional avatar/headshot. The following key information should be listed in your email signature: full names with credentials, expertise/title, phone number, email address, website address with link, link to social media accounts, as well as link to content (i.e, blog, ebook, book, webinar, etc.). If you don’t have any original content, maybe link to an article/blog post you think people may find helpful. You want to position yourself as a resource or “go to” person to help solve problems or provide solutions. Also, when it comes to linking to social media accounts, a LinkedIn account is a must.

  3. Turn Signature On – Turn your email signature setting on and start sending and replying to those emails.

Remember, when it comes to developing a successful personal brand strategy to monetize your expertise and “play big” in the marketplace, one action you can do today is create a visual brand for your email. It’s that personal connection through email which is going to set you apart from your competition, position you as a “go to” expert, and put you on your way to building a successful personal brand.

Questions: What message are you sending with your email signature? How else can you stand out from the competition? Share your answers on Twitter or Linkedin.

About Andria Younger

Andria Younger is a personal brand strategist.  Andria provides personal brand consulting services to entrepreneurs, consultants, CEO, and founders on how to monetize their expertise and build their online reputation, as well as coached them how to “play big” in the B2B marketplace.  Follow Andria on Twitter.