Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Repair

The online reputation of an individual or a business is becoming more and more important as advances in technology continue to evolve.  Our lives are displayed for the world to see on today’s internet, through social sites and blogs.  What few people realize is that the picture you post on Facebook, or the comment you make on twitter, can be picked up at any time, by any search engine, completely at random.  Once that happens, those events can be posted in any number of arenas without your knowledge.  These occurrences may turn out to be totally harmless or they may come back to haunt you.

It is a good idea to be proactive about your own online reputation, and periodically search comment sites, social media, and perform Google searches on your name and your business.  The sooner you find out whether or not there is a problem, the sooner you can repair the damage.  Once you find that some damage has been done, you do not have to handle the situation alone.  There are several excellent companies that specialize in online reputation repair that can assist you in curing your ailment.  These companies possess the experience and expertise to search out the places online that are causing problems for you, and they have proven strategies on how to eliminate the issue or minimize it.  These companies also have the tools to rebuild your reputation if needed by commenting and posting positive remarks and reviews in strategic locations throughout the various social media outlets.  If you find that you are in need of these services, act quickly, and bigger problems may be avoided down the line.

Repair Online Reputation

Repair Online Reputation

You are calling prospects every day. You bought a great phone list, and you are following a proven talk track. The appointments should be flooding in. Yet for some reason, as soon as you identify yourself on the phone people are hanging up. They seem to be totally disinterested in talking with you about your service and you don’t understand why. What is even worse is that of the few appointments you have been able to secure, several have cancelled later on and claimed they are not interested. One client was very specific about not wanting to do business with you.

If any of this sounds like your experience, you have a problem. It could be that you simply are not very good on the phone. It could be that your talk track or your call list is simply ineffective. However, a very often overlooked issue could be at the heart of this problem…you may have a negative reputation online.

If you find yourself in this predicament, immediate action is needed. If you even suspect this is the case, you need to act. Immediately search any available rating site, opinion page, social outlet or trade publication for any mention of you or your company. Are there negative stories or accounts posted? Was there a negative comment left by a past client or disgruntled former employee? These are things you have to know if you are going to move forward in owning, running or even participating in any type of business that provides a service or product. These items need to be sought out and repaired. Find them now, so you don’t suffer from them later.

How to Repair your Reputation

How to repair your reputation

In life, and especially in business, mistakes happen.  The wrong words can be said in anger, the wrong product can get shipped to the wrong customer or any other mishap can occur on the endless list of possible mistakes.  It is the goal of every person or business to stop these issues from occurring before there is a problem.  On those rare occurrences when they cannot be prevented, here are a few things that can lessen the sting from the wound.

Sometimes, a simple “I’m sorry” works wonders.

Very often, people simply want to hear someone say “I’m sorry.”  They want to know that someone understands their inconvenience and dissatisfaction.  They want validation for how they are feeling as much as they want a solution to the issue.  Offering an apology to an upset acquaintance or client can often prevent them from telling everyone they know about how poorly you took care of their needs.

Fix the problem…publicly

If your reputation has been damaged by someone for something that was truly your fault, fix it.  If the wrong box was delivered to the wrong address, fix it.  Deliver the correct box to the correct address.  However, if your reputation has been damaged by the mistake, then you must fix the mistake publicly.  If the unhappy customer posted their anger on social media, have a picture taken of you delivering the right box personally, along with a bonus free gift, and post it on the same social media with a caption about how sorry you are for their inconvenience.  Turn it into an advertisement for you and your business.  This theory works on personal matter as well.  The key is to be as public with the solution as they were with the problem.

Following either of these solutions will start you down the path to repairing your reputation.