Monthly Personal Branding & Content Marketing Services by Andria Younger


NYC Branding and Content Marketing Services by Andria Younger

Are you an entrepreneur, consultant, or founder of a startup who needs a savvy branding and content marketing expert on the team, but wants to save on cash flow of paying a full-time employee? I offer branding and content marketing services on a monthly retainer basis.  I am also a Certified Content Marketing Specialist.  Just a phone call or email away, my diverse background, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit is yours to help you brand and market your company, as well as advise how to position yourself as a “Go To” company in order to drive business leads and sales.

Here are some of my most requested services from clients:

  • One-on-one Personal Brand Strategy Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders
  • Brand Message Platform Development (Who You Are, What You Do, and What’s Your Story)
  • Content Marketing Strategy to Generate Awareness and Leads (i.e eBooks, Meetups, and blogs) 
  • Creative & Marketing Project Management (i.e website design, visual brand identity, content, email campaigns, online courses, webinars, and events)

Click here to request a FREE 30-Minute Consult or call Andria at + 1 646.535.9450