“Beeing” Full Frontal: Samantha Bee and Making Your Point

As a personal brand strategist, “the backstory” on how individuals take a passion and turn it into a successful business always fascinates me. Often, a life-changing event led people to pursue a particular profession. Being a New Yorker, one of the opportunities I take advantage of is going to AOL Build interviews at AOL Headquarters. I recently went to see Samantha Bee talk about her new TBS series, “Full Frontal”.

As an avid viewer of the The Daily Show with John Stewart, one of my favorite correspondents was Samantha Bee.   Many alumni, such as Stephen Colbert Steve Carell, and John Oliver have graduated from The Daily Show and gone on to achieve great success. Just like Colbert, Carell, and Oliver, Samantha Bee is charting new territory as the only woman in the late-night show field with her new TBS series “Full Frontal” which airs on Monday nights at 10:30 pm ET.

Click here to watch the AOL Build’s Samantha Bee interview:

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At the AOL Build interview, Bee shared her journey and the process of creating a new show that offers a unique, satirical take on weekly news and explores in-depth stories that have been largely overlooked by more traditional media outlets. What I’ve always liked about Samantha is her strong point of view and comedic take on politics. At first, she mostly tried to be quiet and fit in at The Daily Show. Samantha shared it was Jon Stewart who really encouraged her to find, explore, and develop a strong point of view. Being able to have a convincing, controversial point of view takes a lot training and boldness, which is what she had at The Daily Show. As she said at the AOL Build interview about the show concept:

We wanted our show as authentic as humanly possible, and we hoped other people would go on that journey with us. It turns out other people will go on that journey with us, which is very rewarding because we know we have a strong point of view.

Personal branding is all about you being at the center of your brand and having a unique perspective/voice to stand out from the competition. Here is what I took away from Samantha Bee’s interview on building a strong point of view:

  • Don’t be afraid to have a point of view. Make it strong and real!
  • Go out in the world and talk to people who disagree with you.
  • If you’re going to create something (i.e. a business, TV show, etc.), create something you enjoy and are passionate about.
  • Don’t get caught up in what people might think who do not share your opinion.

Questions: Is the point of view of your brand clear to your audience? Do you keep your point of view strong and real?  Share your answers on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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