Professional Coaches: The Top 4 Personal Branding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

My name is Andria, and I am a professional brand strategist for entrepreneurs, especially “solopreneurs”. Personal branding is important in many industries, but personal branding for professional coaches is especially important and especially challenging. As a professional coach, your personality is a big part of the product. This stands in contrast to some other products, such as foods; if you like the taste of chocolate, you will buy chocolate candy no matter what the packaging or the advertising campaigns, because you know about the product beyond the brand. Conversely, when you are a professional coach, the only ways to attract new clients is through personal branding or through word of mouth.


My goal as a professional brand strategist for coaches is to help you develop a brand strategy for their services. Because personal branding for professional coaches deserves to be treated as its own special category within the field of personal branding for entrepreneurs, Bomnipotent’s founder Creighton Wong and I have just written an e-book called Top 4 Personal Branding Mistakes Make by Professional Coaches – Learn How To Avoid Them. Here are some pieces of wisdom the book contains about personal branding for professional coaches.

  • The four Cs of personal branding
  • Saying just enough, but not too much, on your website
  • Examples of professional coaches who have successfully built personal brands for themselves
  • Ways that technology makes personal branding both easier and more challenging
  • Links to sites that can be helpful in developing your personal brand

The book discusses personal branding for professional coaches from the perspective of a professional brand strategist for professional coaches, but it is so much more than just a list of four mistakes and the solutions to them. You will learn about what personal brand strategy is and how to develop your own unique personal brand as a professional coach. Reading the book is an empowering experience; I do not believe that charisma and presence are something that you either have or you don’t. Instead, the book focuses on things you can do to build your personal brand whether you are just starting out as a professional coach or whether you have been working in the professional coaching field for a while and want to strengthen your brand identity or appeal to a different audience in addition to the client base you already have.

What do you do about negative comments about your business online? What about social media, which can easily put you in contact with any potential friend and just as quickly turn that friend into an enemy? These are challenges faced by many professional coaches, even ones who are careful and meticulously strategize about how they present their businesses and personal brands. Our book contains advice about how to respond to these challenges and many others that you as an independent professional coach face in today’s Internet age. The advice you will learn can help you publicize your company and your services to build a loyal customer base.

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